Paradise Carnival Troupe

Welcome to Paradise

ATL Dekalb Carnival 2020_Postponed

Come out and fete with us as we present “A Vision of Paradise” for Atlanta Dekalb Carnival 2020!

How many islands make up the Caribbean you may ask? There are 7,000 islands that make up the demographics of the beautiful Caribbean. Each island offers an array of unique experiences, culture, food, traditions and surrounded by turquoise waters and white sandy beaches.

For 2020, we want you to imagine and take a trip to the United States Virgin Islands as Paradise Carnival Troupe presents A Vision of Paradise.

Section 1 Caribbean Jewel represents the colors of the USVI Flag. The white in the costume represents the purity and the clouds that fly high above our beautiful islands. The royal blue signifies the water that surrounds them and the yellow is a display of the flowers that grow in abundance around the islands.

Section 2 Caribbean Garden is a representation of the Hibiscus' that can be seen growing around the island. One can find this flora in different colors throughout the island at hotels and private residences beautifying fences and doorways. The flower differs in color and species. Colors ranges from white, yellow, pink and red. The Hibiscus is a common flower in the gardens of the USVI.

Section 3 Emeralds of the Sea as we pay homage and Hail our Virgin Islands. Where our beaches are bright with coral sands and tradewinds bless our native land. The white signifies our sandy beaches while the turquoise, mint green and teal invite you to take a swim at one of our amazing beaches. Sit back with a Cruzan Rum flavored cocktail at either Magens Bay, Sandy Point or Trunk Bay and enjoy your day in Paradise!

Each one of our female sections is complimented with a Calypso King who brings their witty, satiric, political and local sounds throughout the band. The calypso beat is pulsating and will have you jumping up and throwing back your batty as we Welcome you to Paradise!